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Your Video Program

Your Online Hypnosis Session

There are video programs that are free. We mostly use Zoom or Webex. Skype is good but sometimes has problems. For example. If you do not already have Skype, you will need to sign up for a Skype account online. It's free to join. . Click the “Join” button and fill out the necessary information, it only takes minutes. You will pick a Skype name. This is your unique username and this is how people will connect with you and find you on Skype. Don't make it too difficult.
If you do not have a suitable computer we can use Face-time on your phone. Once you have your account all set up you are ready to have your online hypnosis session.

This session assumes you are hypnotized. You enter the process without asking, Am I being hypnotized? Follow the therapists guidance into a deep state.

For an Online Hypnosis Session:

·          You need an internet connection.

·          You need a webcam on your computer or laptop so that the hypnotherapist can see you.

·          IT'S BEST TO HAVE a headset that has earphones and a microphone (“gamers headset”).
The computer / iPad needs to be on a stable table, not on your laptop.

·          You need a light in front of you that shines comfortably on your face so that the hypnotherapist can see you clearly over the computer. The hypnotist should be able to see you from mid-chest to over your head.

·          You need to sit in a comfortable chair with arms facing the computer. Preferably with a high back

·          Have your phone handy but set to “silent”. This in case we loose the internet connection. The session can be continued via the phone.

·          We recommend: No coffee, tea or drinks two hours before the session. Can't afford any bathroom breaks.

·          No pets. No infants who need attention. No children (unless there is absolutely no other way, in which case they must stay silent and out of camera.

·          You should allow one hour for the session.

·          If you do not hear my voice for two minutes the connection has broken and you will naturally wake up and phone me by mobile (not on Skype phone / message as it will have lapsed too.) Also, if you are by yourself you may wish to set an alarm for, say, an hour and ten minutes - some peope do fall asleep during hypnosis!

We have a brief session together a day before making sure the connection works and I am clear about what you want to achieve from the session.


The Fee is paid in advance by Bank Transfer, or Visa or Mastercard over the phone.
If you join a session you are agreeing:

    I understand that the full benefit of this session will not have been unless I follow through with and implement the support structures given in this session.
  • I understand that the hypnotherapist cannot guarantee results any more than a doctor can guarantee results from a particular prescription or surgical procedure.
  • I understand that hypnotherapy has no stated reimbursement policy. As in a medical practice, you are charged for the hypnotherapist's time. You are not paying for a particular treatment.
  • Sessions are normally 60 minutes
  • I understand this session may be recorded for Realchange Training client files.
  • I understand that this is not a rebatable procedure.



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