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Dynamic Therapies

Dynamic  Hypnotherapy  Your Path to Wholeness


What's Dynamic Hypnosis?

Well, you know you can buy a car for $9000 or $49,000 or $99,000, but it's still a car, right?
Hey, you say, we're going in the wrong direction. There's a lot of difference in the cars!
Well, hypnosis is the same. There is run-of-the-mill just get you there hypnosis, and there is hypnosis that helps you make real changes in your life. Dynamic Hypnosis.

And the difference is bit like the difference in the make-up and performance of the cars - components, and their integration, and the commitment and expertise of the maker.

Dynamic Hypnosis has taken the best practices in the world, and they have been put together by experts.Now comes the difficult bit. Hypnosis of this level is not mass-produced and distributed in an MP3. It is face to face, on-site or on-line. It is tailored specifically for you.

It's time.You want a life better than what you've got. There's got to be a better way. All you had to do is find it.Welcome to the place where these desires become reality.

For information or an appointment, phone Australia 0417 314 283. Consultations are carried out in Healesville, Victoria,  Australia, or by on-line video (Google Hangouts, Skype). Except where there are multiple matters to deal with, consultations are usually one or two sessions.

These are some of the areas we cover in the Practice. Please ask how we can help you. There are so many problems! And hypnosis works to help your mind in many wonderful ways. 

ADD    ADHD    Addictions    Anger    Bullying    Depression    Dyslexia    Fear of Selling    All sorts of fears    Insomnia    Learning difficulties    Low Self-esteem    Pain management    Phobias     Procrastination    Public Speaking    Reading Writing   Rejection    Self-confidence    Self-identity development



An ideal place to achieve what you want. In a quiet and dedicated atmosphere away from family, work, and interruptions you can really relax and enjoy experiencing the changes that will help you make your life more satisfying and controlled.The number of visits for problems vary according to need.

Quit Smoking is one double session (two hours) with a support follow up if necessary.

Weight Management, Anxiety/Depression, Stress etc., is one double session (two hours) plus a second visit two weeks later.

.Phone and ask about fees for the program that you require.


Internet video allows flexibility for people  who cannot visit the clinic.  All sessions are booked by phone, the fee is paid then by credit card or Bank Transfer in Australian Dollars and a mutually suitable time arranged. Programs on Skype vary, and you should discuss your needs when you phone.You need a Skype account or Google, computer, and a webcam with microphone and sound or these through your computer. My Time is Eastern Australia (GMT+10, +11 in Daylight Saving).


Appointments are available Monday to Saturday 9.00 am to 8.30 pm.Some appointments are available on Sunday when necessary.


When you book an appointment or commence a program, you are engaging the hypnotherapist’s time. If you then failed to contact, attend or complete the program, that time would still be reserved for you. There are therefore no refunds of fees.