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Ovecoming cravings

Cravings to smoke  

Nicotine chemically causes the brain to think something good is happening and then release dopamine which connects this to pleasure.
But why is the brain seeking pleasure? Because it overcomes stress.
Nicotine’s effect is a bit like Valium, only it is faster but lasts for a short time.
Many people who come for treatment say at first that they are not stressed.
Usually they are so used to living with stress they don’t notice the cause.
Cravings arise when people Quit without dealing with the stress.
What they are experiencing is the same emotion anyone feels if they are stressed, but now the brain connects it to smoking. The strength of this can vary from person to person.

The solution to craving is to deal with the stress.
Hypnosis is very effective for managing stress.

I have been helping people Quit for many years, at the same time to manage stress.
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