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You Can Overcome Anxiety  Now– Real Change - By Video or Face-to-face.           Extra help for you!

Thirty years experience - expert therapist

Tailored for each person for individual needs.

The Program

1. Preliminary Session, to decide what is necessary.
  This is by phone or video, about 45 minutes.

2. Core Session, video or face-to-face in Healesville.
   Last about one hour. The key work is done in this session.

3. Follow up by email.

4. Development Session, video 
  Lasts up to 45 minutes consolidating work in the Core Session.

All Session start with a phone call 
and then face-to-face or by 
Video  (Coronavirus Free! From the comfort of your home. ). (If you have never done it and are uncertain, phone me  using Facetime on your phone for a free quick chat) Phone and ask.

Why suffer? 
   Choose a Better Life Now

Live Free Fast    Healthier


My voice will change your life.

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Comfortable Confidence
Inner Calm
Feel Alive

Uncomfortable life
Lower mental ability
High probability of disease
Increase mental disorders
(Stress is a part or cause of 95% of diseases/mental disorders/dementia)

I work with all types of Anxiety, Stress and Depression:

          You can benefit from my skills and experience as a therapist.

Gain amazing confidence and peace.

"Shut In" Anxiety    Isolation
Parents Isolation Anxiety
Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder,

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
Health anxiety,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
Generalized Anxiety Disorder,
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, 
Exam Anxiety, 
School Anxieties,
Fears and Phobias, 
Anxiety Attacks
Social anxiety, 
Obsessive negative thoughts
Denial, both conscious and unconscious
Inertia, inability to take action.
Failure, and success


No cravings
No withdrawals
Improvement in breathing and stamina
More dollars saved
Happier, more self-control, healthier.
Increased inner confidence

       Longer, healthier life.
           You enjoy it more!

High probability: Cancer, emphysema, dementia, other diseases accelerated, early death. Not to mention the harm smoke does to others.

Have a look at the Testimonials on the Testimonial page!

Quit and live longer, healthier, and in control!

ON-LINE by video link. This comprises an arranged phone or voice only Zoom, which is a  Discovery Call of about 45 minutes with the individual. A time will be arranged for a Treatment Video Call which lasts about one hour and is paid for in advance, Bank Transfer, Visa or Mastercard. 


Phone (+61) 0417 314 283 with questions or booking.

David Townsend is a very experienced therapist and hypnotherapist.He began studying Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis in the early eighties and obtained a Diploma of Therapeutic Hypnosis in 1985. He is a Master. A Certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer of Hypnotherapists (ABH), and a Time Line Therapist. His extensive work with a wide variety of the problems of ordinary people just like you gives him the ability to help you achieve the results that you want as quickly and easily as possible. In addition to Hypnotherapy he has extensive training and teaching experience. His work has included Carlton & United Breweries, National Bank, Ingenious Solutions, TAFE Small Business Enterprise, BP Chemicals, IPA, SEEL, Service Corporation International, various religious and charitable organisations, conducts a Hypnotherapy Practice and writes.

You can book a free Inquiry (it's a  a Discovery Cal) with David Townsend to help you shift from smoking to free healthy life. Use the BOOK NOW button on the right to take you to the booking site. 


This is not stage TV hypnosis. You won’t think you are chicken! This is the real thing: expert 
hypnotherapy. It’s a scientific way to help you change yourself, your mind and body, and to live a better, healthier life. Thousands have done it. And you can too.

You may need to quit smoking. Perhaps you are overweight or you drink too much. Maybe you are anxious or depressed, or you struggle to manage fears or phobias. Some of us have ADD/ADHD or something like it. You may need more self-confidence, more inner strength. Hypnotherapy can help with all these and more. It’s effective. It works. This is tested mind science.

How successful are you?

Very. …. I don’t put up a figure like “95% successful” because it is impossible to continually check and therefore the Trade Practices Act does not allow it. If you have been referred by someone you know who came here, so much the better. You know that it’s going to work! Much of my work comes through referrals; people who have been to see me tell other people about it, and so they make an appointment for themselves.

This page contains detail of work that I do as a Hypnotherapist face-to-face  in Healesville, Victoria, Australia, and online anywhere via Zoom or Skype (and other video systems). Preliminary Consultations are also available on FaceTime.

Phone: Australia  (+61) 0417 314 283
in Australian Eastern Standard or Daylight Time 9 am - 8.30 pm

Video meetings details will be arranged when booking.

For information about Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder go to

RealchangeR Hypnotherapy, 4 Old Fernshaw Rd., Healesville 3777
                                           Victoria, Australia

You want your health. David Townsend has been helping people Quit Smoking for many years. Why not "join the club" and become a winner, a person who has chosen a healthy life? 0417314283

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